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Military - 35 names

General Admission
General Anethstisia
Major Asshole
Rear Admiral Butts
Major Paynin D'Arse
Major Dick
Private Dick
Major Disaster
Seaman Flood
Seaman Guzzler
Major Hardon  
Major Lee Hung
General Incompetence
Colonel Inges
Colonel O. Korn
Seaman O. Liveru  
Seaman Load  
Major B. O.
Major B. Oner
Private Parts
Major Payne
General Principles
Major Problems
Corporal Punishment
Private Road
Seaman Samples
Major Shityourself
Major Lee Small  
Major Snafu
General E. Speaking
Seaman Stains
General Store
General Weakness
Major Woody
Private Zahnerchin

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